Francesca's Blue Plaid Cape--for inspiration!

Cape-along-ing. Longing for a Cape?

I am so excited to have joined the Great Cape-Along here at the Monthly Stitch. I’d been looking for something cool like that to do online, and I do love a cape. I am Francesca, creator of (among too many other things) the blog Would I Wear it in Paris?

Burda 7619

Burda 7619

Of course, I don’t actually need a cape, having made one a couple of years ago from Burda Pattern 7619 in a beautiful blue plaid wool I scored from Mood Fabrics. A Carolina Herrara fabric and it’s still there.

Cape Detail

Cape Detail

It has a beautiful navy blue satin lining (from either Mood or Fabric Mart) and some silver buttons that I may have lucked out on at Joann’s, but probably came from a yarn store somewhere.

But, it occurs to me that I probably need a Sherlock cape coat. You know, the type that is a coat with a little shoulder cape.

Papercut patterns down under in New Zealand has something really cute and I have some cotton velveteen that I think will suit perfectly. It’s supposed to be a chocolate brown, but is more of a mauve-y dark taupe. I made up a mood board over at Pinterest.

Mood Board for Capes

Mood Board for Capes

I really like the old Vogue pattern–so witchy!  I found the image just the other day. I found the image of the green plaid one a few years ago–it looks like it is made from the Vogue pattern doesn’t it? I love these little instances of coming-together!

Right now my plan is to add a shoulder cape to a double-breasted jacket pattern I already have, dye (urp!) the cotton velveteen, find some lining and go from there. But, if I can get my hands on that Vogue cape pattern, plans will change!

7 thoughts on “Cape-along-ing. Longing for a Cape?

  1. Sullivan1970, am understanding your experience, being a couple states north!

    What lovely Mood fabric on your first cape, Francescamw!
    Am certain your next one will be just a de-lucious!



  2. Lovely fabric! I bought my fabric today and hope to finish my cape by the end of the week. Of course it is 90+ degrees here in South Carolina right now but I could not resist a challenge 🙂


  3. I love your first cape! I got the Watson jacket pattern as well, but I think I’m starting with the Milano cape as it seems to be easier. Also: love your blog name 🙂 although I will wear all my clothes in Paris as I live there…


  4. Jumping up and down and clapping my hands, our first contributor post! 🙂 Yay! Wow that Carolina Herrara fabric on your first cape is fabulous, I love it and I am excited to see the Papercut pattern in a velveteen, it sounds so lush.


    • I thought I was the first one. Well, how about that–me a fashion leader! I don’t think I will use the Papercut pattern, gorgeous as it is. I have a double breasted jacket pattern and I think I’ll draft a shoulder cape for it. Her patterns inspire me to get out my drafting skills and polish them up.


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