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Announcing Septembers Challenge!

We asked you all to vote for Septembers challenge and 64 of you had your say, thank you for voting :)

It was a close one with Dresses pipped to the post by Vintage Patterns in the last day before voting closed!

Now don’t worry if you voted for Dresses or the Trousers/Shorts option, just because they lost out this time does not mean they won’t pop up again another month.

We’ll talk more about how you could interpret this challenge later this month but the initial inspiration for having this challenge on the list, and I am sure most of you will agree, was how we can’t stop buying up those cute and kitschy vintage sewing patterns! Who can resit them? Even if they are not in our size, sometimes we are wooed by the envelope illustration, sometimes we just must have ALL. THE. THINGS!

So how about we actually sew some of them up? :)

We will look at a tutorial to help with those extremely vintage un-marked patterns and also some re-sizing help.

So, are we ready to start on our capes? Have you chosen your pattern, got some beautiful fabric picked out?

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27 thoughts on “Announcing Septembers Challenge!

    • That is all part of the fun of interpreting the challenge! :) Personally I think of Vintage as 1950s and older but 1970s/60s could also count, retro/vintage? It could also depend no your own age ;) How ever you want to justify it is up to you. We’ll do a little FAQ like we did for the cape challenge closer to September :)

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  2. I actually voted for dresses, but I didn’t mind whichever choice one. Now I just have to make a vintage dress :) I ordered my cape pattern and hopefully it comes soon. I chose the papercut patterns milano cape, which I think I’ll love this winter, since it doesn’t get that cold in Paris. Going fabric shopping on saturday :)

  3. I don’t have any vintage patterns (pausing for collective gasp) so I’ll try scope some out. Also many people classify vintage as 20 years old or older, so even the 80s could count!

  4. this is mucho exciting …ooo which pattern to choose..?? also perhaps ‘dresses’ could be saved for October because indeed it is Frocktober. Im going to be doing some sewing sessions up in Auckland hopefully teaching some people to make a frock or two.. oh Frock Yeah!

  5. Kat, I got the perfect pattern as part of the Sew Weekly Reunion Swap you hosted. Amanda sent me a mail order pattern from the 50s (we think) that not only includes a sewing pattern for a dress, but also includes a knitted jacket. I am already working on the knitted jacket but still need to find some fabric to suit. I love vintage patterns so this challenge should be fun!

  6. Scrabbling around my library, I found a copy of Sew Retro I forgot I have (too many sewing books, obviously!) It’s been fun reading through the history of sewing again, and I think I might try one of the quirky patterns she has – keeping my options simple for a change, instead of over-extending myself.

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