Ready to go…

Hello my lovelies,

I was originally going to sew this cape for the Burda Sew-along, but that “sew” didn’t happen. But as good fortune would have it, along comes the Monthly Stitch with the first cab of the rank – Capes!! OMG Totes amazeballs……

So this is what I am hoping to end up with (not this colour mind you – would totally clash with my red hair):

As this was meant for another project, I had already commenced working on it, that is I had deciphered the Burda pattern sheet, and traced it out. I then tailor tacked around the pattern.  By doing this, this gives me the sewing line and allows me to have as wide a seam allowance as I like, which is good for fitting purposes.

I am nearly ready to start sewing this baby up. I just need to fix up the button placement as I didn’t read the instructions properly when I drew it up, but this is a quick job and won’t take long.

I have chosen a dark grey wool blend that I purchased from the US of A. I had to go and purchase more lining, as the one I originally wanted to use.. didn’t have enough of it did I? Oh well.

The first thing to sew up are the armholes/slits and I am already stuck on the instructions.. Going to have to sit down with a piece of scrap material and work my way through them, me thinks.  Not the clearest I can tell you.

I am away this weekend visiting one of my sisters, but will start this next Monday and as I haven’t sewn anything for months, I am really looked forward to this.. and looking forward to what you all sew up.

So thank you Kat, Mel and Juliet for this project – pretty cool.




6 thoughts on “Ready to go…

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  2. Lovely post & project, Stephanie!
    Will await updates, as I’m new to Burda and am certain to learn useful tips.
    Have a wonderful trip this weekend.
    xo & happy sewing, everyone!


  3. This pattern is beautiful. When I saw the pattern round up post this was the one that caught my eye, I can’t wait to see it made up. I’m going fabric shopping on Saturday….pattern yet to be decided


  4. You’re welcome Stephanie, your first post here is great too btw, thanks for giving us a sneak peak of your project.

    Sometimes when Burda is giving me a headache I work up the detail in calico, that way I can stuff up I can rework it or even just throw it away and start again without ruining my fashion fabric 😉 also sometimes just working through the steps and actually seeing instead of imagining helps it make sense. Good luck with the deciphering!


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