1951 Wool Capelet

This was certainly meant to be! I scored at the local senior thrift store with this adorable 1951 Simplicity pattern,  3 yards of navy blue wool, and a silky blue fabric for the lining.  All came to the incredible price of $4.25. Can you believe it? The 5 yards of trim at 99 cents a yard, cost more than the materials for the cape.

The pattern is a size 12, 30 inch bust, so I made a muslin first. I found that I only needed to increase the length, widen the side seam to the curve of the shoulder, and increase the neck circumference by adding width to the back middle  and the front seams. I basted all the pieces together and tried it on. Perfect! Then I gently pulled all the threads, ironed all the pieces flat, and used spray starch to better hold the shape of each piece.

I washed the wool on the hand-wash cycle of the washing machine with a little hair shampoo, and then laid it over the lawn chairs in the backyard to dry. Then I cut and sewed all the pieces together. I found wool to be a little fussy to sew with. I quickly discovered that I got the best results by having the wool facing down and the lining on top.  I did plenty of steam pressing with a cloth as I made each piece.

I used black woven interfacing in the collar to help hold it’s shape. Before I put it all together, I trimmed the outside edges of each piece.  After sandwiching the upper cape and the lower cape together, I attached the collar to the outside and then folded under the inside collar and hand-stitched it in place with black quilting thread. I attached a thrifted “frog” closing to the front and voila!

I have a few more pictures over on zibergirl.com. Thanks for looking!

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  1. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. I’m encouraged to try even more challenging projects with your wonderful support.


  2. Oh, that’s gorgeous! I love the double layer – I don’t think I’ve seen one like that before, it’s a great style. 🙂 Love the way you’ve used the trim and the frog closure as well.


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