Velveteen, satin, buttons

Progress on the Cape Coat

Chocolate VelveteenFrancesca from Would I Wear it in Paris here.

The cape coat is making progress. It really is! I mean I haven’t actually cut into the cloth, or even the interlining. In fact, I don’t even have a complete pattern yet–but almost!

Velveteen, satin, buttons

The fabric and buttons are all collected.  The velveteen is from Fabric Mart, but I dragged myself up to Joann’s (which I really don’t like) for the lining, and crazily enough found some great buttons for it, so I am thrilled.

I am afraid the buttons are leaning towards steampunk which I really don’t want, but the cape part is modest enough so hopefully it won’t go too much in that direction.

Brass ButtonsI started with Burda 12/2012 #104, the long wool coat. It has the princess seams I want and a skirt attached to the bodice which I cut down for a shorter jacket. I drafted a shoulder cape for it and am working on a collar pattern piece.

Also it has pockets!

The muslin is a real mess right now, but it is doing it’s job. By that, I mean it fits me the way I want it to and I was able to work out the cape bit and the collar bit on it.CapeCoatPattern6

There are a few things about Burda patterns. One is that the coats I’ve made from them have two-piece sleeves which I love. I like the fit better and it gives a tailored garment a more classic look.Burda Pattern

The other is; extracting the pattern! They come three ways; you can buy a paper pattern at a fabric store with seam allowances and everything, you can buy the magazine and trace a pattern from the tangled mess of the pattern page, or you can download a pattern from the website and fritter away your youth taping pages.

The one I am working with is downloaded and taped (and taped and taped). The trick is to first make certain you are printing only the pages you need. They sometimes have pattern pieces from other styles than the one you are making.


The other trick is to find the pages with, say, the sleeve piece and tape that together, then tape the

pages with the bodice, and so on. Don’t tape 40 pages together then start cutting out the pieces from there. That’s just crazy-making.

That’s all for now, dear friends. Stop by my blog for a peek sometime. Before I go, here is a gratuitous cat butt picture.

Bats the Cat

Bats the Cat

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