Pisces capelet

Pisces capelet

Hey there!

So, yeah, I may have made this waaaaay back at the start of the month.

And you’ve even seen a glimpse of it here already, in Mel’s Capes Cubed post.

And now, finally, here’s a post just for it – my first ever (well, aside from an ill-informed decision back in high school) cape!

Made using the (free! Woo hoo!) Peppermint cape pattern (scroll down through the free patterns list (!!) to find it), just so I can be cool like Mel and Juliet. 😉

And I just have to say – this pattern is fun to make up! It’s super fast, cutely tailored (check out the shoulder seams – it’s like a mini jacket only not!) and doesn’t take up much fabric so is perfect for stash busting.

Plus, if you make two shells and use one for the lining, you can make it reversible. Win!

One one side – a pink acrylic blend with a subtle herringbone.

Hangin’ with Mel and Juliet

On the other – a grey plaid something-synthetic.

Put ’em together and what have you got? The Pisces capelet! (Get it? Pisces – the sign with two fish. Making this pushed me out of my sewing-style comfort zone, like a fish out of water. In a good way.)

(Want to know more? There are some details over on my blog.)

12 thoughts on “Pisces capelet

    • Thanks! 🙂

      It was a fun road trip up there for photos. (Hey, making something’s a good excuse for a road trip, right?! 😉 )


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  2. Really cute! I was going to join in on this, but with only 2 sewing weeks in August available, and loads to already fit into those 2 weeks it was going to be tight! Love the reversible idea, can’t wait to get going on September’s Monthly Stitch!


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