Woodland Cape – Challenge completed!

Woodland Cape 7

Hello everyone, I am kind of nervous here, this is my first blog post ever!

I first saw this pattern, the Woodland Cape from Liesl&Co when it was released a few months ago. I found it really lovely, but a Cape was not my first choice of garment to sew, and this was on the peak of summer in Brazil, so I didn’t buy the pattern

Fast forward a few months, and The Montlhy Stitch was created, and what was the first challenge? A Cape! What a great excuse to buy the pattern and actually sew the cape!

I have to say, getting good enough pictures to post was way more difficult than actually sewing the Cape… It’s a great pattern, very easy to follow, quick to cut and sew. I didn’t even bother with the gathering step before you turn it right side out, and it still turned out perfect!

The fabric is this cute baby cord, black with some red flowers, remind me of Liberty prints… This was also my first lined garment ever, I used this light black wool on the inside, so the cape is warm enough for our mild winters in Brazil.

The pictures don’t do justice, it really looks better in real life, but if I didn’t post this now, I might never post them at all.

I am now looking forward to sewing a vintage pattern for next month, nothing like a challenge to keep me motivated!

See you soon!


33 thoughts on “Woodland Cape – Challenge completed!

  1. Tatiana, I just wanted to say I love your cape too, 🙂
    this was my first time as a blogger, so I know how it feels.
    but now you know how warm and friendly everyone is…. feels good!
    are you thinking about the vintage challenge?


    • Thanks a lot! I am very happy to be participating on this, everyone is very friendly and encoraging… I am thinking about the vintage challenge, I have this vintage dress pattern from Butterick, but I am also going through my Burda magazines, every month they have a vintage pattern as well, I haven’t decided yet what exactly I am going to sew….


  2. Ohh I love that we enabled you so you could buy that pattern. I love all the versions I’ve seen of this pattern, it’s a the perfect cross over cape that is kind of a coat 😉 Your fabric makes it so bright and cheerful, just what we need on a cold winter day! Well done on you first post too xx


  3. Love your cape! And no need to be nervous about blog posts: people are so friendly in the sewing community 🙂 I totally envy you for the lining.


    • Thanks, I realized that, people are really nice and encoraging! Don’t envy the lining, I think it was the easiest ever! I am so happy with this Cape that I am now considering sewing a full lined jacket!


      • Thanks! This was my first time with plaid. It took time, but it paid off in the end. I know lining isn’t so hard to do, I was just lazy and didn’t and I wish I had… Well, next time, then I will get my pockets right too 🙂


  4. Oh, what a cute cape! I love the fabric you’ve chosen for it, it works really well with that pattern. Also – congratulations on your first blog post!! 🙂


    • Thanks! The fabric really is lovely, nice to sew, with a bit of strecht on it, but frays a lot, it’s a good thing that this cape is lined so I don’t have to worry about that!


  5. Welcome to the world of sewing blogs! I love the gorgeous print you used in your cape. Good for you, for lining it and adding those great buttons.


    • Ah, you noticed the buttons? Thanks a lot! I really liked them, I am kind of addicted to buttons, I have a huge collection, waiting to be used somewhere… The thing is, I hate to make buttonholes, ha!


  6. Happy first blog post! Lovely cape – I had never heard of this pattern before they started to pop up on this challenge, but I really love it and it works so well in that fabric. And yes – getting decent photos is a whole challenge in itself. I have grand ideas for picture locations, but never actually manage to get further than the garden!


    • Thanks a lot! At least you have a garden, I have to take my pictures at work, it’s the only time available during the day! I am lucky to have a colleague doesn’t mind taking pictures of my sewing adventures…


  7. Good job with your cape. It’s always a good excuse to sew what you want to sew. 🙂 Welcome to Blogland and I hope you enjoy it. Your photos turned out great. I totally know what you mean about the photo challenge. It’s been one of my biggest challenge to get decent, interesting photos! Have fun!


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