Regal in Fur

I’m getting this in just under the line – it feels weird to think that just a month ago we were kicking this challenge off! And so I have here two capes to share with you – my own one, and a gift from Kat and Mel too!

I rue the day that capes went out of fashion. Not only do they look good, but they’re comforting and warm, like having a blanket wrapped around your shoulders, only without the frumpishness of a blanket.

Technically I made this before the Cape Sew Along started – I was anxious to get a cape DONE as I learned straight after announcing the Sew Along that on Monday 5th I was destined to be in hospital for surgery relating to the NF2. So you can imagine my situation – I had to do something for my Sew Along, it would have been frightfully rude of me to announce one and then do nothing. If I was honest, I have done nothing – my concentration is shot and my ability to verbalise complicated things doesn’t work. Sewing is just a step too far. I am greatful and am bouncing back a little bit more every day, and am itching to be reunited with my sewing room!I want to sew things, but I’m just so tired!!

But this back to this cape – I made this cape in an afternoon with some fake fur I had snatched up from the remnant pile at my local. The minute I saw it I had visions of a fur shrug or cape, a la a stereotypical rich Russian women. You know – red lipstick, smoky eyes, vodka… and when you have a vision, you listen to the vision.

Mama Gypsy and I drafted up the pattern based off of a relaxed fit t-shirt of mine – we simply traced the back neckline, followed the slope of the shoulder and sleeve, extending downwards to make the body of the cape.

 The front was traced from the back and drafted to have a slight crossover for a double breasted effect. It was shamefully easy and lazy, but it worked so well!

And then us two lazy Gypsies cut a long rectangle with tapered edges to create the collar, to be folded in half and sewn along the front and back opening.

What would you know, my little remnant was the PERFECT amount for a cape and collar.

Construction was similarly easy –  the outer was stitched up, collar attached, and then the lining – purple silk, thank you – was assembled and attached to enclose the edges. I stitched on snaps for the opening, but these really aren’t needed, I just throw it over my head. But there are buttons alluding to the fact that it’s an opening, even if they don’t have button holes to go through… but never mind that – aren’t they lovely?

Now, I’m reasonably happy with this cape. It is lovely and warm to wear, until I lift my arms. Then I get a faceful of furry cape.

So this is a cape for sitting, not for moving around and living in. Which is actually perfect for those who are post-op, the desk bound office worker, and for those wanting something chic to drink wine in (soon). We snapped these pictures wore this for one of my brief afternoon walks with Buster and it did the job well in this situation too – it was threatening rain, and its blustery and awful sounding outside now, and I felt very warm and content in it. So right now, for me, it’s the perfect cape.


I also need to include the gorgeous Peppermint capelet that Kat and Mel made for me. They can tell you much more about the construction and the origin of the fabrics, but I do love this cape. Here’s a gif that Mel made – such fun!

Swirly Swirly – Thanks Kat and Mel!


9 thoughts on “Regal in Fur

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  2. Love the faux fur, I was never a fan before I was seriously sewing now I’m all, “Why the hell not?!” haha 😉 I need to make a faux fur item then you, Harri and I can do a photo shoot together in our faux kitty outfits 😉

    Love it, fabulous photos too, love the feature image, the sky is so typically winter-grumpy and then the pop of red under the fun fur, nice xx

    Not too much of a story behind the fabric I chose for your cape, just a pretty from the stash but I have enough for a skirt left over so one day that wool will show up again on my blog 😉


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