The perfectly timed Cape Challenge

It’s the perfect time of the year for wearing a cape – too warm for a coat, yet not quite warm enough to go completely without that extra layer.

I’d been thinking about making a capelet since seeing one while in Melbourne last month. Upon returning to Wellington, and knowing a capelet wouldn’t use much fabric, I rummaged through the scrap bag(s) and turned up the last of the wool suiting used to make a béret for the ANZAC day parade, some navy-blue rayon lining, and a bag of brown suede scraps I’d completely forgotten about.

An old cloak pattern was the starting point for the capelet pattern plus the pattern piece made for the fur collar on my Mad Men Jacket.  I simply shortened the cloak pattern in length and rounded the collar points to make them easier to bind.

wool and suede caplet

A couple of Sundays stitching, and here it is! The suede fastening is made using a D-ring from Made on Marion and a screw back button stud (similar to these) from an old vinyl belt. I actually made two fastenings, but decided it looked better with just the one.

Burda 7253 and the SwirlyWhirly Sackdress

Vogue 5782 meets Andy Warhol

On to the next Monthly Stitch Challenge -Vintage Patterns. Will it be retro Burda 7253’s “SwirlyWhirly Sackdress” or the truly vintage “Vogue 5782 meets Andy Warhol”? What do you think?

29 thoughts on “The perfectly timed Cape Challenge

  1. Gorgeous capelet! Love it, and it looks so wearable. 🙂

    For next month – my vote’s for the Vogue vintage one first – that waist looks interesting and I wanna see it in “real life”!


    • Got both dresses cut out in the weekend, and gunning to get them both finished this month. I’ve changed the waist ties on the Vogue – they’re originally half ties from the sideseams, but I’d like to be able to wear another belt with this dress also, so have cut a completely separate tie/belt.


    • Tee hee, I’ll share a little secret with you. After I cut out the collar I discovered a tiny mothhole right in the centre back! So there’s a little clever darning patch back there – but you need a magnifying glass to find it now!


    • I’m glad you think so – with the two fastenings it look too “steampunk” for me. I also considered using large fur hooks and eyes, but decided just the one fastening was best.
      Like your blog!


    • Thank you. I caught all the suede binding by hand so it would look nice if it flutters open in a breeze – plenty of those in Wellington! Plus a final press with lots of steam (and a damp cloth) makes all the difference to wool.


    • The patterns smashing, isn’t it! Saw it on etsy and had to have it, even though it’s not my size, so the Andy Warhol will be a wearable toilé to check my pattern grading skills before it’s made up in a precious piece of vintage wool.


    • Yes, think I’ll make this one first. The fabric is my favourite – lovely colours and a cotton/silk blend so it’s beautiful to the touch, but quite opaque! Will be lining it with cotton lawn.


  2. Oh, just lovely capelet! Great fabric. The vintage dresses you chose are beautiful. I am currently at work on my cape!! I’ve never worn or sewn a cape and the Superhero in me is so looking forward to it being completed. 🙂


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