The Cape of No Hope

Hi, I’m Rachel – pleased to meet you.

I am very excited to be part of the Monthly Stitch, and have really enjoyed seeing everybody’s capes this month.

My approach to this challenge was limited by having to sew from my stash and finding my stash had little in cape-appropriate fabrics.

Burdastyle cape 17 Burdastyle cape 8

I eventually unearthed this khaki coloured suit weight poly something-or-other, and the colour meant that the only direction to go was towards the vaguely military.

I based this on Burda Style pattern 140 from 10/2012, but found myself ignoring the instructions and winging it – not entirely successfully.

My lining is a sweet red and green check, which is a poly viscose, I think, but feels like a light wool.

Burdastyle cape 5 Burdastyle cape 14

Overall I do quite like this cape, but it does not bear close inspection; the lining looks as if it was sewn in by a monkey and the collar is not only off centre, but also about a cm wider on one side than the other. My excuse is that I had to do some emergency decorating this week for a friend whose house was flooded, and that was the time I had planned to spend on this – so lack of time paired with lack of patience with Burda’s instructions made for a poorly finished garment. I need to put it to one side for now, though and return to it when we have had some time away from one another.

If you want to read more of my wingeing, and see even more pictures of me looking knackered you can check it out over at my blog, Is It Fitting?

See you all next month!

10 thoughts on “The Cape of No Hope

  1. You’ve made such a wonderful choice, and agree about reading dear burda’s instructions!
    How kind of you to help a friend in need – know they really appreciated having you.
    Yes, agree with trench cape!


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