A tale of three capes

Talk about indecision.  When this first challenge was announced I didn’t think I could come up with one wearable/feasible option, let alone three.

My first, a Vera Venus capelet, was an experiment, and I’m glad I did it because I immediately realized it wasn’t long enough.  I’ve got it in me closet, and plan on taking it apart to use as a pattern for a short cape from rayon denim, if there’s enough of it left after the dress I want to make.  The 2 blues will do well together.  Definitely a wise decision, and I don’t regret making it!

The second cape is a topper for a pair of culottes from last year’s cut-out-but-not-sewn pile. I used the Peppermint Cape pattern, which is good for summer evenings in air conditioning.    But still a tad short…


For my “real” cape I again chose the Peppermint Cape pattern, but lengthened it and cut everything fuller, so there’s more swing. I also cut the back longer than the front, which to me looks a little more vintage.  Don’t ask me why, ‘cause I don’t know.  Lol!

Having read a very timely reminder of the best way to handle corduroy on Karen Ball’s blog, Did You Make That, it seemed appropriate to use my secret swap partner Samantha’s luscious baby cord for my third cape.   The lining & ribbon is from my stash, and the small wooden buttons also came from Samantha.

Have enjoyed this month’s challenge very much, and am looking forward to September’s vintage pattern experience!

10 thoughts on “A tale of three capes

  1. Wow, you really went round the rainbow with your choice of colors and prints, but I my fav out of your three is also your last. It’s gorgeous! Your first is really pretty too, I think it will look fabulous with denim.


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