Cape pops

Well Ladies, I am sick and finally have the time to work out how to use the WordPress blog thingy 😉 My cape is a variation on the Peppermint Cape, but with added length and a self-drafted collar. The outer is wool poached from a huge cloak my Mum made me in the 1980″s, it was a Ralph Lauren Vogue pattern. The lining is a cotton poplin with apples printed on it, just to lift things a bit.Image

9 thoughts on “Cape pops

  1. Oh, super cute! Love the idea of adding a collar to the Peppermint pattern, I may just have to make another one so I can try doing that. 😉 (And your lining fabric – adorable!)


  2. Oooooh, love every aspect of it! The lining is so fun. I am working on my cape, as we speak (type). Actually, I guess I’m not as I’ve been distracted, once again, by the sewcialists! But, this is lovely, I hope you have fun wearing it around.


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