Elementary, My Dear Watson

But I will refer to this coat as the Ms. Irene Adler, because Sherlock Holmes was in love with Irene (for as far as he could actually love) and I love this coat…

About the pattern, Watson-jacket by Papercut Patterns. The minute I laid eyes on the photos, I knew I had to have me one. I just love everything about it, the little cape, the back detail, the collar and the possible variations.

For the outer fabric I used a wool plaid, brown with a small stripe of yellow/orange and a small stripe of pink.
The lining is something synthetic with a nice feel and a gorgeous flowery-print.
Both are from Brussels.

Taking pictures in a wintercoat during Summer felt a bit strange, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do..

For more photos and info on how this came together, hop over to my blog.

See you next month for the vintage challenge! Hopefully with more than 22 hours to spare before deadline…

31 thoughts on “Elementary, My Dear Watson

    • Thanks! I like the fact that it is actually a jacket, a not just a coat. I had a poncho up to last year and always wore on top of my jacket… Where’s the sense in that? The only unpractical thing about this one is that it doesn’t have pockets… Should have thought about that before making the coat though…


  1. Lovely, lovely cape/jacket! I adore this pattern, it’s quite high on my things-to-make list, but I ran out of time for it for this challenge. This looks so good on you! Very nicely done. 🙂


    • Thanks! I really love the pattern too, and it didn’t take as much time as I had thought, there is some fiddling with the cape and the shoulder seams, other than that it’s pretty straightforward.


  2. Your Watson is fabulous Wendy, love the chunky self-covered buttons. Sorry you weren’t able to share you photos, I tried to put in your links myself and also couldn’t get it to work, it might be a Flickr thing, there must be a way around it, I will look into it and update you soon 🙂


  3. I love it! This was actually my other choice, but I decided on the Milano Cape, since it required less skill according to the pattern notes. But this will definitely be in my future.


    • I like the Milano cape too, but I thought it would be more practical to have a “normal” coat, and I am sure that I will wear this more than I would wear a “normal” cape. But your Milano has pockets, so that is a big advantage!


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