Aloha Cape

Whoo hooo! My first challenge ever, I’m so proud of me!

As I couldn’t decide on a pattern, I decided to draft my own (ever the optimist). And, as my sewing machine is still playing up, I used a serger on all seams and then handstitched a reinforcing line of stitching along the inner edge of each serged seam.  My work is SO neat, I can almost wear this inside out. Well, if it wasn’t fully reversible, that is! 🙂

The fabric is all stash and unidentified. I suspect it’s cotton, but didn’t do a burn test. The green is a heavyweight broadcloth-y matt, and the Hawaiian print is a sateen-y print. I adore the print, it’s just so much fun. I’d love to have made this into a dress or some such, but it’s a remnant that my mother-in-law sent me to use as I learn, and therefore perfect for this project. I made the collar such that the print showed on the plain side and vice versa.

The cape is circular and the collar is a long strip gathered into a circle, as I didn’t want a peter pan collar. All held together with ribbon.

Overall, I’m really proud of it, although my husband keeps teasing me about being Dracula!

Unfortunately, I’m struggling with uploading my other pic using a URL (must learn how), so for more photos and the pics of the Hawaiian print, please mosey on over to my blog.

20 thoughts on “Aloha Cape

  1. I love the colour of your cape and what a beautiful view! 🙂 You can copy the URL code from the images on your personal blog post and insert them to this post if that helps you? Also I have added to the FAQ some quick instructions on how to copy an entire blogger post and paste it into a post over here, if you write your personal blog post first you can try that next time 🙂


  2. Lovely green! You need to fire (4L word!) the Quality Controller if s/he didn’t see the upside down lining while inspecting that closely. Ahh, sewing with cats – got to love them!


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