Just In Time(lord) Cape!

Well, hello there! My name’s Thirzah, and I cannot WAIT to share more capey goodness with all of you! I’m just about in time for the end of August over here in the UK (not my usual fashionable lateness!) so let’s get to it.

I’ll be honest, when I first read about The Monthly Stitch, I wasn’t sure I really *needed* a cape in my life. I had nothing against them.  It’d just never occurred to me that –despite the amount of time I dedicate to watching masked heroes defeating masked villains – this might be something I was lacking. But as more and more people started to get involved in the challenge, I began to realise that there was a VERY large hole in my wardrobe – in my life, even.

I did need a cape.

And I needed it now.

Searching around on eBay I discovered this gem of a pattern from the early 1950’s, and I fell in love. Those welt pockets! That collar! The red! Even the slightly bizarre apron-like front didn’t hold me back and I snapped it up. As it was a single-sized, vintage pattern, I made a toile to have a look at the fit, but I was actually pretty pleased with it and hammered on with the real thing. I picked a lovely plum corduroy for the outer, and then lined it with a fabulously rich red which I found on the offcuts table and, as a consequence, paid far too little for. I think the colours are utterly wonderful together but I’ve got to say, the finished object does remind me of something…

I am perfectly fine with this.


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