My Superhero Cape! And, it’s in Pantone Fall 2013 Colours.

Cape and Collar Scarf Tie 500 pixels

Hi everyone, I am so delighted to participate and contribute to The Monthly Stitch.  Kat, Mel and Juliet have done a terrific job in setting up this site, kudos and thank you!

AND, I was only too thrilled that the very first sewing challenge issued was to sew a cape.  I have ALWAYS wanted a cape, but, for some reason, have never owned one.  What a perfect opportunity to make my own.  I have also enjoyed seeing all of your cape creations, they have been very inspiring!

I combined this sewing challenge with the Sew Weekly Reunion challenge and made my cape in Pantone Fall 2013 colours.  I made the main fabric of my cape in a colour called Vivacious, out of a wool blend and I lined it in an indigo/navy bemberg.  I used a pattern by Christine Haynes from the winter 2011 issue of Quick Stuff to Sew Magazine.  (links found here)

Rather than follow the pattern directions, I drafted my own collar/scarf/tie piece out of a cotton fabric, interfaced it with fleece to make it cozy, and added it to the cape.  I also added metal closures to the front of the cape that look like little capes!

More information, pics of the cape and the reason a cape is SO much better than a fitted jacket :), can be found on my blog. 

Thanks for reading!  I’m looking forward to next month’s challenge.


Catja from Gjeometry

One Tie Over Shoulder 500 pixelsEdit:  I added another pic, so you could see that the front collar/tie/scarf-in-one piece is actually only sewn at the top around the neck of the cape and can be worn many different ways.  For more pics, go here.

18 thoughts on “My Superhero Cape! And, it’s in Pantone Fall 2013 Colours.

    • Thanks so much Frances! I could not possibly resist a colour that was called Vivacious. And, although I bought the cape fabric for the challenge, both for Cape Challenge and Pantone colour challenge, the collar/scarf fabric I had in my stash and it just happened to have many of the colours in the Pantone colour palette that coordinated so perfectly! Like one of those clouds opening up and ray of sunshine coming through moments!


    • Thank you Mel! I had originally selected a navy fabric to make a bias tape tie for around the collar, but it didn’t seem to have enough excitement or warmth providing factor, so made up this collar/tie thing instead! I am thrilled to be participating on The Monthly Stitch. What a great idea you guys had and a wonderful format for it. 🙂


    • Thanks so much juxnz! I’m excited to be able to wear the cape with the ATTACHED tie/shawl/collar and finally not lose a scarf this winter. Which happens, at least 3 times each winter.


    • Thanks Sharyn!! I love how the tie crossed over too. But, as i mentioned in the above comments, it’s actually doing that on it’s own! I sewed the tie to the top of the cape, and when it is allowed to fall in the front on it’s own, it crosses over that way. But, since the sides aren’t sewn, you can toss the tie ends over your shoulder or tie then in a bow. There are more pics on my blog to show what I mean. I may sneak in another pic here just so that folks can see that.


  1. That is a fantastic cape. Love the colors, love the crossover, love how you “planted” yourself in the flowers for the shoot, and absolutely adore the kitty photo-bomb on your blog. 😀


    • Thank you ndimi! The crossover, as I just mentioned in the previous comment, actually is not ‘permanent’. The tie is only sewn at the neck of the cape, so it can be tied in a bow or tossed over your shoulders. It just so happened to ‘crossover’ when I left it down in the front. I’m glad it did as I like the look! And, yes, I set up a “photo studio/set” in my house, LOL!! It was too humid and hot out to go out and take pics dressed like this so I tried to make a backdrop and placed flowers in it. What’s funny is that the cardboard covered with a sheet (oh so high tech and official) was too short to cover the whole back, so in some pics (the rest are on my blog) you can see Kitty peeking over the backdrop, lurking and watching. I had no idea and it made me laugh after I downloaded the pics.


    • Thank You Anne!! Actually, the crossover just kind of happens when I let the scarf/tie/collar (I don’t know what to call it) piece just hang down in the front. I think it’s because when I sewed it around the top of the cape, I pressed and hand sewed the seam allowances down, so that the tie really comes together in the front and then crosses over on it’s own at the bottom of the ties. I really like how it did that!!! Sometimes, you make up your own stuff, and it works!! (but, not always…., lol). But, the tie is only joined at the neck to the cape, so you can toss one tie over the shoulder or both or tie them together in a bow. You can see what I mean from more pics on my blog. On The Monthly Stitch blog, we only upload one pic to save space, since so many people will be posting, so I couldn’t show you here the rest of the pics. I tried linking them from my blog, but the pictures don’t show up, only the pic title as a link, which just takes you to the pic on my blog. So, just easier to link the whole blogpost, which I did.


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