The Burda Cape – it is coming

Hello my lovelies,

Unfortunately I will not make the August deadline for my cape. I had a mini crisis over the weekend, which has been adverted, but means I won’t meet the timeframe, but it is coming.

I only have the hem (cape and lining) and the buttonholes and buttons to go… so close but yet so far.  Hopefully I will be finished by Monday or Tuesday. Damn cape will be the death of me.

Worst part? Sydney has decided to put on summer weather and totally bypass Spring. Already we are having temperatures of 26 degrees (Celsius), so no need for a cape!


6 thoughts on “The Burda Cape – it is coming

  1. Only 26 degrees? Please can we swap? The only reason we get so far down the thermometer is because we have gale-force winds cooling us off… I’m dreading the doldrums! But looking forward to the finished cape. 🙂 I think the style lines on that Burda cape are gorgeous.


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