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Burda Cape – Finished!

Well I have finally finished my cape for The Monthly Stitch. Been a long time a coming. But I can tick two boxes here, cape and my first Burda pattern.  It was a struggle working out the pattern at first, but if you really really read the instructions, they do work.

I finished the cape at 1 am this morning so excuse the bad photos.  I haven’t had time to take one with me wearing it but will do in a post for my blog “Sew a crooked line”. (Please excuse the bareness of my blog, I had to trash my old one due to be hacked and am in the throws of starting all over again – 2 years down the gurgler).

burda cape

Cape made for The Monthly Stitch

The cape wasn’t that hard to sew up, I just didn’t read the instructions properly but have learnt that lesson.  It is not perfect, there were mistakes made, but they haven’t changed anything in the finished garment.  It probably could have been made a bit shorter in the yoke and that would have just lifted the armslits up a bit as they are a tad low.  The top of them sit in the crook of my arm and I think they should be up a bit higher.

Overall I am happy with it, Hubbie is impressed as I have actually finished something (he seems to think that I never finished my projects?). The wool was a delight to work with, other than shedding badly; I am going to have to strip my room down and vacuum as grey fibre is every where.  I am quite proud of myself as this is the first time I have lined anything and it worked out alright (after my mini crisis was adverted).

The most time consuming part was hand sewing (twice) the 2.3metre hem (hem and then lining). The buttonholes and buttons were a bit of a challenge as well.

So this is it, done and dusted – onto vintage.. mmmmm what to make..

Can’t wait to see the next lot of projects cause damn we are good.



18 thoughts on “Burda Cape – Finished!

  1. Thank you..I couldn’t find the “right” buttons, so just went with simple ones.. Not a lot of choices at my fabric shops which is disappointing as I do love a nice button.. If I find some I might change them. Was looking at doing self covered ones, but couldn’t find buttons big enough (3cm).



  2. Love the lining in contrast. Back in the day 80’s my shoulder padded, dynasty stylie jackets all HAD to have fabulous contract linings and unique buttons so really do appreciate the thought that has gone into your cape. Top job! Samantha


  3. I’ve also Just finished a Burda cape for Juliet. I also thoght that the arm slits were too low, and had to raise them up and then the slit facing wasn’t right, but hey, its on the inside! I also don’t read instructions much and battled a bit. Houndstooth and a red lining… photo tomorrow!


    • Just don’t get too close 🙂

      The small pictures shows where the mini crisis was, I had to put an extra strip in my lining..forgot to take into account the seam allowance I added as the material wasn’t wide enough.. oops. Was a tad short.


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