I’m finally In! lol!

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I thought I’d never figure out how to get this far, thanks to Juliet & Melissa for all your help & patience, I haven’t sewned clothing items in years & my how patterns have changed or I’ve been shrinking in my older age lol! Most I half to cut nearly in half, seriously need to check into just designing as by the time I’m done with a pattern it is custom made anyway lol! The cape for example had be cut down & down again lol I’m not too happy with the front so I will take it off & redo it later but it was good to challenge myself to add the pockets, who knew pockets could be a scary thing lol!

7 thoughts on “I’m finally In! lol!

  1. lol! I actually had two friends with me who both said no no no! I’m not a pink person but fleece was on sale for $3.99 yd & thought I’d better give a pratice run before buying really nice fabric & I’m glad I did as I cut the front wrong & had to do a lot of pieceing on the front band, so I’m not happy with that & will take it off & add a black band later, I still can’t believe I actually made it lol!


  2. Pink plaid.. if someone had said that to me I’d have gone “huh? wha….?” but it really is cute. This fabric is such fun! Glad you got back into sewing.


    • thanks! I am enjoying geting back into sewing for myself, I joined “Sew Your Own Wardrobe For A Year a few months back which is pulling me out of comfort zone of “relearning” a lot of things lol!


    • thanks! when I read there were pockets,my heart sank for I’d not done pockets in over 20 years lol! but a friend told me not to let the pockets intimatate me, after I stared at them for a few days I decided with her help lol! to go for it!


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