Interview with Lou of Memory Made Mercantile

We’ve got more inspiration and temptation for you today, with Lou from Memory Made Mercantile sharing a few of her vintage moments with us. Thanks for joining us Lou!

What first inspired you about vintage patterns?

I bought a friend some vintage patterns thinking that she might want them. She wasn’t interested but I found out that I was very interested.

How long have you been collecting?

It’s been several years, maybe ten.

Simplicity 3280

What’s your favorite era?

That’s a hard one! There is something great about all of them. If I had to pick a favorite it would have to be the 1950’s. I find those to be some of my most beautiful patterns.

How do you define vintage?

I suppose that I would define vintage as an untold story.

Butterick 2277

How far does your love of vintage extend into your life?

I live in an over 100 year old house. It’s filled with some of my favorite vintage finds. Two of my very favorites are my old Hoosier style cabinet and my old sewing machine.

Do you have a personal collection of patterns? Which one is your favorite pattern?

I do. They are all great; I don’t believe I could pick a favorite with my feet to the flames.

Simplicity 2005

Do you have any stories or experiences you’d like to share about vintage patterns?

My high is to find a great vintage pattern. When you find great vintage patterns your heart skips a beat. I love to go through them when I get them home. It’s really cool when there are old newspaper clippings in the pattern where the prior seamstress used newspaper to make templates for pieces. Those are must reads. I get to read about WW II, Watergate, Vietnam, James Dean movies to the price of food back in the day.

Thanks so much for sharing with us Lou!

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