That 70’s Dress

That 70’s Dress

For my vintage look, I selected a pattern printed in 1970. It was the start of a new decade, and the start of  a young woman, me, in my sophomore year of high school. Even back then, I was making myself clothes. Mostly I made peasant blouses, empire waist blouses, and mini dresses. Plus I could skillfully peg pants, add patches, and embroidery on my overalls. It was an exciting time to be alive! A lot was happening in the world of fashion, even in a small town. Boys wanted to grow their hair long and girls wanted to wear pants to school! Finally we able to do those things, but not without protest from the establishment.

I chose Simplicity 9204 for the year 1970,  for the cute style element of the keyhole neckline and I put it together with Very Easy Vogue 8843 because of the same princess seam, short sleeve style, but it was in the correct size.

S 9204 and V 8843

I used a polyester purple and white checked thrifted fabric from my stash. I didn’t quite have enough to lay it all straight of grain, so the front sides are cut on the bias. I think it looks better this way.

I had to go back to the drawing board several times to get the neck to fit, and ultimately, my keyhole does not meet together at the center, but has a cute little button detail as a faux closure that allows for a more comfortable fit.I had the perfect trim to match the color of the dress and used it around the neck and keyhole. Which I think finished it off rather nicely.

I rarely make anything out of polyester. I think of all those polyester blouses and pants my mom liked because they were wash- and-wear, and no ironing was needed. I thought they were awful as a teen. But I don’t feel that way when it comes to this dress, or I’m just older, and wash-and-wear appeals to me too! 😉

The fabric worked out very well for this style. It has a little stretch, doesn’t wrinkle, and hangs very nicely. It was a synch to  cut and sew, there was absolutely no unraveling, so no serging was needed.

I really like it and so does my husband! I  usually change back into to everyday clothes after a photo shoot, but this time, I wore it all day long. It’s pretty, and comfortable. I think my mom would approve!

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14 thoughts on “That 70’s Dress

  1. Oh, wow I LOVE this! I really like how you made that figure eight closure to close up the top of the dress. I love 70’s fashions and in fact, and currently at work on a 1970s Diane Von Furstenberg pattern for my vintage make. I love your choice of fabric as well, it makes the dress extra delicate!


  2. I love this! So playful and cute. You can tell you really enjoy this one by the fun in the photos. I adore the way you adjusted the keyhole with the buttons.


  3. What a great fit! I love seventies patterns and they make up the majority of my pattern stash. I am very impressed with the use of two separate patterns to make up this cute dress.


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