Plans for Vintage Patterns Challenge (WAY BEHIND)

Hi there Monthly Stitch folks.  I’m afraid I am quite behind both with blog reading and sewing this month.  I have been out of commission, even bed ridden for some of it.  It has all been very strange, you can find more info on my blog Gjeometry if you wish.   I look forward to now checking out all your Vintage Pattern makes!

The Monthly Stitch Vogue Vintage Pattern and Fabric

Plan A: Original Vintage Pattern Plan

The Monthly Stitch Fabrics for Diane Von Furstenberg Dress Pattern

Plan B: Updated Vintage Pattern Plan

But, I am still planning on sewing my vintage pattern for this month’s challenge.  My original plan was to make this 1960s Vogue dress (Plan A).  I planned on using the horsie fabric and line it with the yellow cotton batiste.  But, due to being non-functional for a month and the fact that this pattern requires quite a bit of fitting AND also, my sewing machine is now on the fritz (seriously, what else?), I have up-dated my plans.

I am now going to sew this 1970s Diane Von Furstenberg dress in cotton knit fabrics (Plan B). I can use my overlocker to sew with and therefore, won’t need my sewing machine.  And, it seemed only appropriate, if using cotton knit jersey, to sew a classic 1970s Diane Von Furstenberg dress.  I plan on making two of them, each a different style.  You can find out more, if you like, in my blogpost on Gjeometry here.  Happy Sewing Everybody!  Now, on to check out all your recent makes.  🙂

11 thoughts on “Plans for Vintage Patterns Challenge (WAY BEHIND)

  1. Seconding Juxnz’ question – where’d that great brown fabric come from?
    But the pattern – remember making that myself in the late 70s or 80s, and totally loving the dress.
    Can’t wait to see your finished version – stick with it, and let us see how you’re coming along.
    All best wishes – del


    • Thank you so much Juliet! The horsie fabric, which I fell in love with is actually from my original 1960s vintage pattern plan and is a woven thin cotton. However, due to the grading, fitting and sewing machine breakdown issues, I’ve had to shelve that project for this challenge and move on to Plan B, which is the 1970s Diane Von Furstenberg pattern in the geometric print knits done on the overlocker.


  2. Now while the Vogue dress is indeed pretty, the green version of the DVF is just gorgeous! May I be selfish enough to say I’m glad you’ve changed plans? That dress is just begging to be made so that I can feast my googly eyes upon it and sigh melodramatically. I’ve been drooling over knits for a while and just too durn chicken to try one, so I’m thrilled that I shall have another option for vicarious joy.

    Oh, and welcome to the Serger Affaire Sewists. We are SASsy in the face of prissy sewing machines that sulk or go on strike! My sewing machine has just recently moved from the picket line to the sulky corner, so we’re trying to mend our marriage, but the serger and I are still pretty hot and heavy! I think we may end up with a _ménage à trois _ eventually


    • Oh, by all means be selfish and endorse Plan B at will! Makes me feel good since I had to (temporarily) abandon Plan A. I’m quite thrilled about the knit fabrics, as well. They just screamed out 1970s knit dress to me. I’ve never made one either and never on the overlocker so I hope that I am able to do you proud!

      I have never heard of SASsy but know some folks that have got to be closeted members! They make everything on their overlocker and have a stretch knit addiction. I hope that you and your sewing machine are able to mend you relationship very soon! I’ve divorced my sewing machine and am on to adding a new one to make up a menage a trois. 🙂 (Hopefully nobody takes these sentences out of context…)


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