Vintage Noir: Double the Vintage Pattern Fun

This month’s challenge was just what I needed to finally get around to putting together this outfit I’d been planning for the past year. Pairing Advance 8211 with McCalls 1774.

The hat pattern is copyrighted 1953, and evidence seems to point to the dress pattern being from about that time originally then re-released later in the 1950’s.

The best thing about sewing up this pattern was that it didn’t need any alterations for fit. I feel quite elegant and lady like.

The more difficult aspects of sewing this up had to do with the patterns being from a very different era. The hat pattern referenced a “bicycle clip”. The dress pattern had an impossible facing extension on the back. Through determination and a lot of squinting at the instructions, I managed to get it put together.

Perhaps Gru Cat approves, perhaps not. It shows off the hat nicely anyway.

There’s more about this dress, the designer behind the pattern, and a picture in vivid color on my blog.
I was beginning to wonder if I was going to run out of time to get this project done. I’m thinking I need to get working on my “Frocktober” project right now so I don’t have to worry about timing next month, especially since I fear getting distracted by others posting gorgeous dresses all month long.

16 thoughts on “Vintage Noir: Double the Vintage Pattern Fun

  1. Fabulous outfit. I’m going to have to find your pattern for myself – love it.
    Do watch “Sunset Boulevard” sometime – it’s a terrific noir, slightly creepy movie.


  2. That a dress is adorable! I am a big fan of 50’s patterns. You did a great job of putting together this dress with the bow and hat. I had to stop by your blog and look more closely. Your photo’s are really fun to view. I’d love to make one of those hats. Was it difficult?


  3. Oh, you look just gorgeous in this dress! Gru cat gets two paws up from Kitty!! Great hat, as well. Have you noticed folks don’t wear hats anymore. Unless they are baseball caps. Not really so elegant.


  4. I love that outfit, that vintage outfit looks great on you. The bow is a wonderful accent And your kitty, Gru. A garment is not a great outfit without a few cat hairs, at least not in my house anyways.


  5. yes I agree with ndimi , you get my vote too!
    I love everything about this project.
    the dress really looks great on you, very elegant and ladylike definitely, and the hat pattern is gorgeous.
    were you tempted to make a bag to match?
    can’t wait to see your froctober creation.
    : )


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