Fleece Baby/Toddler’s Reversible Cape

Though I recently joined the Monthly Stitch; I was so inspired by all the other contributors’ past challenge posts that I decided to backtrack a bit and complete previous challenges.

So, this week I did a bit of research, and then developed my own template for this reversible baby/toddler’s cape for the upcoming holidays.  I made this with one of my grand-nieces in mind.  She will be about 9 months old by “holiday time”.


The cape is made of solid red and mitten holiday fleece that I picked up last year from the remnants bid at the local fabric store.


I used three square Velcro pieces at the neckline to hold the cape closed.  By doing so, as Annabelle grows, they can adjust the neck diameter to fit her.  Additionally, once she too tall to use this as a cape, they and use it as a wrap-around skirt for her!  (At least that was my thought.)


My nephew and his family live over 1,000 miles from me, so I don’t have a real life model.  Instead I used one of my baby dolls (the cape is a bit big for the doll, but I’m sure it will fit Annabelle.


5 thoughts on “Fleece Baby/Toddler’s Reversible Cape

    • Thanks! This is for the same niece as the dress. I am thinking I will make her a matching hat for the cape from the leftover red fleece. I don’t have enough material left from the dress for a Bonnet


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