Mail Order Shirt-Dress

I have a reasonable collection of vintage patterns, my hubby would call it “large” but in my mind there are many I don’t have so there is still room for additions!!

When September was announced as vintage month I was pretty pleased and made loads of plans, however life got away on me and I only ended up finishing one vintage dress which also doubles as my Fall for Cotton dress. Sorry I know this is cheating a bit 🙂


I narrowed down my pattern choice to mail-order Pattern-o-rama 8299 from sometime in the 1940s I think. There are no dates on anywhere I could find and I did check the instructions and the envelope to no avail.

Pattern-o-rama 8299

Pattern-o-rama 8299

If you would like more information details, please pop over to my blog.

I’m looking forward to Frocktober and at least two dresses planned, let’s hope i can be more productive!

17 thoughts on “Mail Order Shirt-Dress

  1. Ha, ha, subscribe to your philosophy on collecting patterns – always room for one more (and then another one!)
    Terrific dress, looks really good on you.


  2. Wot she ^ said! I definitely agree that two challenges completed in one project is a win! 🙂

    That’s a gorgeous dress, lovely color and the button detail is so yummy.


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