1950s Ruffled Apron

More time was spent on the selection of the pattern than on the actual item. I posted my extremely edited selection of ideas on my blog as I was searching for some inspiration. No, that’s not right. I didn’t need inspiration. I was totally overloaded with inspiration. Do you know how MUCH inspiration there is on the web? Yikes! And you, TMS, you just added and added and added input until I was overwhelmed by my choices. 😉

Eventually sanity prevailed (read: my distinct lack of ability) and I downsized my options to one of two: either the 7-yard full-skirt dress (you did note “downsized” earlier, right?), or the quintessential apron. Dontcha love that word – quintessential? Nobody uses words like that any more! It’s all bootylicious and other silly OMG phrases. Where was I again?

Oh yes, so I had to go for the apron. Firstly so that I could use the word quintessential as many times as I could in one post, and secondly because it was much more in my skill set.

And I think I did well! (Pause for horn blowing…) Please note posed front view and even the back looks kinda cute

My mother-in-law gifted this apron pattern and the material to me about a year or two ago, and it has huddled in my stash and whispered words of longing from there ever since. How much fun this challenge is, especially when I get to do stash-busting as well! Perfect!

More photos over on my blog.

P.S. I’m obviously a total airhead. I still can’t get the photos to attach as photos. LOL.

ETA: The pattern is Simplicity 2592 from the Simplicity Archives, View D

11 thoughts on “1950s Ruffled Apron

  1. Fabulous! Love the tiered layers and the yellow and black polka dots. That’s not a colour combination in polka dots you see that often, and it works so well. And, of course, LOVE your kitty dancing with you in the kitchen.


  2. I have a weakness for ruffles..especially on aprons…and love this one! I have a similar pattern I am hoping to make up soon for myself and with a view to making some as Christmas presents.
    Frilly apron wearing certainly cheers up having do the cleaning!


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