Vogue 5782 meets Andy Warhol

Last month I shortlisted two patterns and corresponding fabrics for the vintage challenge. Happily, I’ve made both. You can read about my first choice “Burda 7253 and the SwirlyWhirly Sackdress” and my reason for not including it in this challenge over at my blog.

Second choice for  September’s “Vintage Patterns” challenge is the truly vintage Vogue 5782. I bought it last year after seeing this. The pattern is two sizes too big, but I know how to grade a pattern and I had to have it. My intentions are to eventually make it up in a very precious piece of vintage wool given to me by my favourite tutor a couple of decades ago, so felt the need to toilé my grading first.

The polished cotton fabric was bought in the August sale at The Fabric Warehouse – the same day I attended the fantastic Andy Warhol:Immortal exhibition at Te Papa. The random splashes of cyan and magenta on otherwise fairly monochromatic grey/olive reminds me of his work.

Besides grading, I made two other changes to my version of the pattern. I moved the zip from centre back to sideseam as I find zips easier to do up at the side, and the neckline is wide enough to slip my head through. It does still need a zip – because – as per the pattern – the waist seam is gathered onto tape cut to my exact waist measurement, and – you know – boobs/bum > waist. The second change was to make the ties into a belt, instead of coming from the side seams. This way I can wear it with other belts.

Probably because of my rusty pattern grading skills I also need to look at my armhole scye, as it seems quite tight this time. The sleeve head has plenty of ease so it should be a fairly easy adjustment to cut the armhole a little larger. And I love this sleeve length! Plus, the pattern has pockets in the sideseams. (Yes, I did put the zip in behind the pocket).

I made a bit of a boo-boo last weekend and bought some more fabric. Never fear, it will become a frock in Froctober! It’s not technically “stashed” if it doesn’t make it into the “stash”, is it?

22 thoughts on “Vogue 5782 meets Andy Warhol

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  2. This is a gorgeous dress.Both the pattern and the fabric are wonderful on their own but together are inspirational.I have many patterns that are about 8 million sizes too big due to my incredibly small bust but have so far not attempted to grade a pattern…you have inspired me to have a go!!


  3. This is a great pattern & fabric ~ great dress! Went over to your blog to spy out your first dress and that print – Wow! Good thing your pattern was fairly straight, as it shows the fabric to perfection. Both really grand choices!


    • I may have walked right past the fabric roll if I hadn’t been to the exhibition earlier (which is fabulous, BTW) – interesting where inspiration arises from, isn’t it?


    • Thanks – I’m actually full of ‘flu in the pix, feeling more like corpse bride than vintage glamour gal, hence the sourpuss face 🙂 … and is that peacock about to peck my ear?


  4. Oh, this is so fabulously 60’s, I love it! I’m too chicken to try pockets and zips in the same place, is it very hard?
    Looking forward to seeing your Frocktober make!


    • I love your 60’s dress too! Zips plus pockets are tricky – I constructed the pocket entirely onto the skirt front, (rather than one side front, one side back, sew side seam and pocket in one) then inserted the zip.


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