Comeback Story

Hi all, I’m Anne, I blog vintage stuff at Vintage Belle & this is my first posting at the Monthly Stitch.  I missed August due to holidays etc, and only just managed to get this garment done in time for September, even though I am only posting now!

My vintage pattern is McCall’s 9819 from 1954.  Featuring a v-neck front & back, double pleats in the skirt at the front & two slightly gored panels in the back skirt, this one’s a corker!  From the first time I saw this pattern I was desperate to make it up, it’s just so sexy looking!  I decided it was the one to start with for the September challenge to sew something vintage.   I had bought some heather pinspot cotton from Ditto Fabrics in August to use for Rochelle & Tasha’s Fall for Cotton project in September & decided to use it for this pattern.  Two birds with one stone – love it!

Putting together was very simple.  The bodice of this dress is cut on the bias, which means that v-neck is on the straight, eliminating the inclination for the fabric to stretch & get all baggy.  Now I know it looks a little big on Belle, it is a size too big for her, but I needed a model!  I’m not grading these patterns, just making them as they come.  We fixed the problem a bit with a little judicious placing of the belt and posing!  I didn’t make this dress for anyone in particular, it is destined for a new home via a little shop in my town.

There is a small gusset under the arms to enable waving down a taxi or sending off a loved one…

One concession to modern tastes is that I shorten the skirts on these 50s dresses.  This one has had 15cm removed, as well as having a 3cm taped hem!  I leave the hem hitting just below the knee, they wouldn’t look right any shorter.  I am looking forward to getting going on October’s theme, I have such lovely dress patterns in my vintage boxes just begging to be made!

14 thoughts on “Comeback Story

  1. Great pattern – and what a concept: putting the blouse pieces on the straight grain!
    Will try to remember that little trick in future.
    Thanks so much for sharing this lovely dress!


    • It is a good trick, deep v-necklines tend to get all saggy because the centre front is placed on the straight grain, leaving the neckline dangerously close to, if not on the bias. Cut the bodice on the bias & you have a neckline that stays put!


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