Very Easy Vogue 9340 – Finished!

I finished this dress, from last month’s challenge, at the beginning of the week but the weather has been so rubbish here that everyday I went outside to try and get a photo it either rained or I was in danger of being blown away.

The pattern size was 12, and according to the measurements on the envelope I would be a 14-16, but fortunately the pattern description of “very loose-fitting” was correct and I don’t think I would want it to be any bigger. The fabric is wool/wool-blend (can’t find the docket) from The Fabric Store. Now to start on this month’s challenge.

15 thoughts on “Very Easy Vogue 9340 – Finished!

  1. Ohhhhhh, I LOVE this!! Yes, I think it fits perfectly in that size and would look too droopy in the 14/16. This looks like such a comfortable dress to wear, but has such va va voom, to it that you could totally dress it up. I am officially on look-out for this pattern as I want to make this dress.


  2. This dress has a great Japanese Obi feel to it, imo, very lovely.

    However, may I be forgiven for forgetting, just briefly, that this is a sewing group? OMG, that necklace is gorgeous! 😀 WHAT a statement piece.


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