I made this dress from a Simplicity ” HOW TO SEW “

pattern circa 1973.

when I showed it to the men in my life ,  they said ,

” what’s up with the sleeves ? “

and ,

” you’ll look like snow white minus the dwarves… “

I soldiered on.

you can read about how I fared here…

24 thoughts on “PaisleyPark

  1. Seriously, what do the men in your life know about fashion? I think it’s absolutely adorable! And, I’m a huge fan of 70s fashion and patterns, so I may be biased, but I would absolutely sew and wear this dress. The paisley was an inspired choice, very 70s. And, your dog obviously likes it and isn’t that more important an opinion than the men in your life? 😛


  2. That’s a sweet dress.

    Erm… are you bribing your dog to sit for the photo? I’ve seen that intent look before – you have treats in your palm don’t you? ROFL!


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