Do Baby Girls Wear Frocks?

I wasn’t planning on completing another dress this month, well, not another dress for me, anyway.  I did plan to make another  Christmas dress for a second baby niece, but didn’t think I would have it completed, but I do!  Yeah, me!

After showing Kendall’s mom several pattern options, she actually chose the same pattern I used for the vintage pattern challenge.  Another plus since 1) I had it already and 2) kept the original intact; having traced it on pattern paper.  Double yeah!

I didn’t think about this before, but Kendall’s dress matches in color to my Christmas dress!  Hers is made of Royal Velvet.  If I were to make this again from velvet, I would definitely make the lining pieces from a different material, as it is, the linings and facings are velvet at well.  Making it a bit challenging to work with all that bulk for a size 6 month dress.  That said, the lining will be so soft against he skin.

One design change. I made was to scallop the hem for this dress.  I think it turned out nice.


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