Geek-tastic Frock-tober

What a busy month October has been.  I have managed to get three dresses completed in October and blogged, with another on it’s way!  Let’s look at those that are finished …

I don’t think I could choose a favourite but the fun dress is this Vogue pattern by Kay Unger.   I don’t fancy gathered skirts but give me a pleat and that changes everything.  The fabric is a cotton sateen from Spoonflower, I purchased on a bit of an impulse, ’cause it was love at first sight!

GeektasticThe blog post ‘Geektastic marries Vogue’ with more pics and details is HERE

My second Chloe by Victory Patterns wasn’t on my to do list at all until a visit to Fabric Warehouse (to get lining for my Kay Unger dress) and it just happily hopped into my bag!  I thought this was an ideal Spring/Autum dress that would go well with boots or shoes, once the weather warms up a little.

Cotton ChloeThe blog post “Cotton Chloe” with more pics and details is HERE

After watching my daughter wear her favourite dress to death, I was on a quest to make another of similar style. The pattern that fitted the brief (teenager demands!) perfectly was Ava, again by Victory Patterns.  I’m pleased to say that this is now her all time new favourite dress – thank goodness, otherwise all that hard work would have just sat on a bedroom floor.

Black Ava Sep13The blog post “Black Lace Ava” with more pics and details is HERE

Today I made a muslin for the Billie Jean wiggle dress by Bluegingerdoll. If I can get this finished in the next couple of days I can official include that in my Frock-tober achievements.  Here’s a bit of a peek preview …
Floral Billie Jean

21 thoughts on “Geek-tastic Frock-tober

  1. I really like your dresses. your daughter looks gorgeous and it is so nice that she appreciates her mums sewing ! yay !
    my eldest daughter went thru a black faze with occaisional white , everything looked the same ! but my youngest , at 15 , is right into pretty and dresses , oh joy !
    happy sewing , : )


  2. Love the fit and color on the first one and I must give you kudos for stitching one up for your daughter. I must be a selfish sewist because other than myself, I have only stitched one simple elastic skirt for my daughter 🙂


    • Thanks 🙂 I do enjoy watching my daughters proudly wear things that I’ve made, somethings it’s really nice to be able to sew some thing that I wouldn’t otherwise wear but is a really cool pattern. The Ava probably isn’t a style I would wear myself but a great pattern. Although the ratio is probably still 10:1 in my favour 🙂


  3. Congratulations on all three dresses! They look great.
    I’m with you on the preference to make pleats rather than doing all that gathering – it’s like making curtians! However, I have recently been using my overlocker for gathering which does a great job on some fabrics. And you made me lol with fabric hopping into your bag. It’s weird but this happens to me too!


  4. All three dresses are lovely. I can’t wait to see the Blue Ginger Doll one made up. I have not sewn with them yet.


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