Froctoberfest… Kicking up my Heels in a By Hand London Frock

I did not think it would take me so long to get a frock done for October but I got pretty busy! Thankfully, here it is… a frock for Froctober just in the nick of time. 😀

I made an Anna dress from the By Hand London girls. It is a great pattern and I confess this is the 3rd one I have made! All 3 of mine were made with a knit because after making the first one I loved it so much I could not stop. I AM going to make my next one out of a challis print though. Or at least I am going to try!

By Hand London Anna Dress

It is a tiny bit short but I was working with 3 yards of fabric! I am thankful I made it as I REALLY like the maxi length of this dress.

By Hand London Anna

Anyway- here is is… My FROCK for FROCKTOBER! You can read more about the Country Fest I wore it to and my other Anna’s on my blog!

~Laurie from Sew Exhausted

19 thoughts on “Froctoberfest… Kicking up my Heels in a By Hand London Frock

  1. I didn’t think of using a knit for this, I have my Anna pattern and once again I am inspired to sew it. Great dress on you, love the boots.


  2. It’s a great length for those awesome boots. Love the color and now I’m very curious about the Anna pattern. I’ll have to check it out. I;m alway looking for a good pattern to use up my thrifted knit fabric.


    • Tahnks! It is a great pattern. It was not meant for knits but with a few pattern changes (mainly making a smaller size) it actually works great for knits. Definitely a pattern I recommend highly!


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