Frocktober the 31st

So, depending on how strict we’re all going to be, this may be my last dress for Frocktober. I have a loverly Butterick 4757 in the pipeline, almost finished, but am not yet ready to truck on with it – at this stage it needs to more buttonholes (the top two are bound and I’m tossing between machine and bound for the bottom two), the sleeves and skirt hemmed, and the dickie made. I’m also not sure if it will suit me and, to be honest, I think it might be a touch small in the ribs. However, even if it’s late I’m going to count it as I did most of the work during October (and my ego probably wouldn’t cope with me backing down completely on my whole “one dress per week” thing)

So on my day off today (day in lieu from working a 15 hour labour day) I decided to “cheat” on the butterick with this number.


Unfortunately I didn’t get very good photos of it; I don’t think Mr Guy wanted to be out in the bad weather.

The dress is New Look 6723 with self-drafted tulip sleeves using this tutorial, in a very lightweight 100% cotton sateen from The Fabric Store. I think I am going to really enjoy wearing this dress! I don’t think the colours are “mine” at all (mainly the yellow) and I do prefer pleats to gathers; but it’s comfortable, the tulip sleeves are rad, and it’s work appropriate (meaning it will get worn a lot!)



ImageSo unimpressed, right?

This dress is also on my blog,

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  1. Another fabulous dress Sophie! You’re a machine! I must admit I’m looking forward to seeing your retro frock when you feel up to finishing it 🙂


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