November: Gertie’s pencil skirt

Thank you TMS for making me finally get around to making this skirt!

The pattern is Gertie’s high waisted skirt, in a cotton sateen left over from another project. I largely followed all of her instructions on construction, ommitting the boning (as a previous boned skirt ended up gaping a fair amount and I ended up giving it away). I added a vent to the back and had to take about 1.5cm off each side seam.

ImageNot much more to say; this skirt is so perfect for me and my style, fits well and is comfortable. I made it ~2-3 weeks ago and have worn it regularly since (it is pretty recognisable so can’t wear it aaallll the time). I have actually just finished another skirt of the same pattern but, erm, may have made it too small in the waist…. so we shall see if I can keep it.ImageAs always, for more details and photos, pop over to my blog at

18 thoughts on “November: Gertie’s pencil skirt

  1. This skirt is great! I need to get moving on this book too. I made the Sweetheart Sundress for a friend and was annoyed at how many adjustments I had to make for it. Maybe I will try the pencil skirt,since yours looks so good!


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    • I actually quite liked the boning I did in another skirt – the problem was that the waistband was too large/gapey, and I have since removed about 3-4cm from the top waistband seam. If you think the waistband is a good fit, try it out – I will with my next one


    • In the pattern she uses boning in the waistband to keep it upright. I did that once before and found that it accentuated a gaping waistband but actually, I know that waistband was too big so should try again. And I’ll have to learn how to shape boning


      • I thought she applied boning to the entire skirt, which would have been weird…
        One more question. Is that boning really necessary? If you make sure it fits right, and just interface it, doesn’t it stay up?


    • For some reason I can’t reply to your latest post (weird hospital computers).
      You know when the waistband sits right at your natural waist, and when you bend it bends in half – and can leave a crease, even with interfacing? The boning helps it bounce straight back. Also, I think with plastic boning you can actually shape it a bit so I might try to shape it to my waist.

      Also, I’ve seen elsewhere that you can use cable ties as plastic boning, so I’m going to try that (husbands a sparky so we have them lying around the entire garage!). One day I’ll try metal stuff (maybe for a party dress coming up), if I can find it.


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