Baby Swaddle Blanket – One Yard Wonder

Okay, so I started this one last week.  It wasn’t very hard, but to be honest, sewing on bias tape is not my favorite sewing past-time.  To add to that, while I had the material for the blanket in my stash, I didn’t have the right size bias tape.  What’s a girl to do?  Well, I searched my blanket binding stash and found 1″ double folded quilt binding – in pink, no less!  I cut that down the middle, then proceeded to iron each side in half, effectively making 1/4″ double fold bias binding.  Then came all the pinning and sewing that tape on the blanket pieces.

DSCN4246I used one of my baby dolls from my childhood to “model” this interesting twist on the swaddle blanket.

The main piece is cut in a triangle with curved corners, then an additional piece is cut and attached to the back of the triangular piece to make the ties.  You wrap the babe in the triangular piece then wrap the ties around and tie them, keeping the babe nice and snug.  This little item will be making its way (along with some other baby stuff) to my hometown of South Bend for my niece’s expectant November “arrival”.  Hope she likes it, and uses it a lot.

This project can be found in “Fabric-by-Fabric – One Yard Wonders”  by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins.

7 thoughts on “Baby Swaddle Blanket – One Yard Wonder

  1. I’m sure she will, after only 5 people showing up at her shower on Sunday she is feeling a bit down and this should help raise her spirit!


  2. Cosy! I used to love swaddling my son when he was a baby.
    I must confess tho that I never pin my bias tape, unless it’s a neckline. I’ve just sewed yards of bias on a skirt and it never entered my head to use pins.
    Be wreckless and give it a go!! 😀✂️


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