The No Sew Throw

I have been making No Sew Throws for several years.  My neighbor, Pat, used to make them for the church’s “Gabriel Project” that gives the blankets to low income mothers in need of assistance.  She used the book “20 No-Sew Fleece Throws” by Baner.  These throws are not difficult to make at all, but they do take a lot of tying of knots.

With all the babies my family has been having this year (and we have two more due one day apart – Thanksgiving day and the day after!), I have been making these for the babies.  This pink one I made over the last couple of days.  The biggest challenge in making these is cutting the tie strips evenly.  When my neighbor Pat passed away, her daughter gave me her cutting tools. Rotary cutters and a plastic tool with straight 1″ slits in it to ensure straight, evenly spaced and same length ties.  I think about my neighbor every time I pull these things out of my closet to use.  Miss her so much!

I LOVE the splish splash duckies on this print!


6 thoughts on “The No Sew Throw

    • Yes. I like to do the cut prep work and then do the ties while watching my favorite TV shows, or the news. Makes the tying go a lot faster, and in cold weather the blankets keep you warm too! 🙂


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