This Little Piggy Went To Market

This weekend’s “from a sewing book” project was, once again, from One Yard Wonders.  It isn’t completely finished.  Mamma pig still needs eyes, and I have 5 piglets yet to finish, but I just feel like I ran out of steam on this one.  Probably because I didn’t follow the instructions, and so now o have to put the ears and feet on the piglet bodies when they are sewn together.


Maybe I will take one seam out to make that part easier…  In any case, here is mamma pig and one piglet.


Mamma pig has a zippered pouch on the bottom of her tummy to hold her piglets when they are not being played with.  Mamma pig is much bigger than I expected as well, and will make a great floor pillow for kids to lean against while watching tv, or whatever.


Piglet sort of looks more like a mouse…

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