The Multi-Use Bucket

Today’s one yard wonder didn’t even require a yard of material!


This project called for Pile fabric, per the book.  I found this fun holiday, pre-quilted fabric in the remnant bin yesterday.  All I had gone to thestore for was a zipper, and I came home with two large bags of material from the remnant bin. 

This  “bucket” is roomy enough to hold lots of yard.  I had my crochet master sister in mind when I made this.  It is nothing compared to her creations.

Oh, and I made it with French seams, so it is reversible!

Is there a fabriholics anonymous?

10 thoughts on “The Multi-Use Bucket

  1. Just re-read your blog, you can join fabricaholics and I will join yarnaholics (yarn is on sale this wk at Michael’s and I DON’T dare go in there if I run out of one color for Larissa’s afghan cuz I would come out with at least one huge bagful).


  2. Oh, I have just got to find out what would be the 12 Steps for Fabriholics Anonymous? Would we have weekly meetings to do Stashbusting? “Good evening, my name is Toni and I’m a fabriholic. Last weekend I went out for a button and came home with three silks, a length of home decor fabric from the remnants bin, and a snowflake stretch woven because I thought the snowflakes were flowers.” (‘Strue’s bob, I really DID think they were flowers!)

    Great bucket, btw. 🙂


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