Paisley Dream

From a sewing book…  I had planned to pattern cut a shirt for husband.  Ahem – moving swiftly on!  So this is from a magazine, still technically a book, right??  I used style 114 from Burda 10/2013.

Belle fell in love with the shirt in the photo in the magazine pretty much straight away, so I knew I’d have to make a plan.  Tracing the pattern off those hideous sheets was not as bad this time.  I guess the colour it was laid out in was easier to see than the last one I did!

This fabric is a polyester chiffon I found on a shopping trip to the Fancy Silk Store in Birmingham at the end of October while I was waiting for my car to have its service.  At £6/m I bought 2.5m because I couldn’t remember how much it needed.  I don’t have much leftover.

I used French seams throughout as this is a fairly transparent fabric.  The hidden button closure was pretty easy to do, the trickiest thing was the floaty fabric.  So I just took it slow.  I used a grey silk organza for all the areas I’d normally interface – the collar & stand, the cuffs & the buttonstand – although I didn’t use the organza down the whole buttonstand, only to support the buttonholes.   I also reinforced the back pleat with two folded strips of the organza.

The shirt is very much oversized!  I made the smallest size, & you can see from the photos how long the back hem is!  Thankfully the fabric is really light and floaty, so Belle can tuck it into her jeans without having a Jaylo bum!  😀

She also wants the bow neck blouse from Burda 08/2013, #108.  We’ll see if I have time to squeeze that one into this month!

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  3. Oh! This is beautiful! The fabric and shape of the blouse go perfectly together & really suit your daughter! Ha ha! Yes, my husband’s shirt sewing always seems to vanish too… 😉


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