The Toy Bag

I must admit, I am having so much fun making things from the “Fabric by Fabric, One Yard Wonder” book, that I ordered the other “One Yard Wonder” book from the library so I could see what different project ideas are in that book too.  🙂

Over the past couple days I have been working on The Toy Bag.  The pattern called for handles on the side, but I omitted them.  I also thought I was “smarter” than the book, so I didn’t pull out the pattern pieces for this one.  I just measured the size off, cut the material in the forms indicated, and away I went.  What I was not thinking about was that the bottom triangle pieces needed to have a right angle at the tip, so the bottom would be flat and square.  Like so:


This isn’t how the bottom originally looked, and I had to rip out all the sewing, mark a right angle at the tip, and re-sew the bottom.  Lesson learned – for now…

Here is the finished bag.  I used flannel instead of the suggested home decor fabric.  Because it was so flimsy, I used a really stiff and thick iron on interfacing (as you can see the top edges of the interfacing where the bag goes limp at the top).   This didn’t turn out quite as I expected.  it was smaller than I anticipated, but still a nice size for stashing small toys, say Legos, or miniature cars, etc.  Or it could be used to stash diapers, or other baby things in a nursery.  If I make this again, I would definitely use a let stiff interfacing.


2 thoughts on “The Toy Bag

  1. You are tearing through this book! Well done 🙂 My mum used to make little bags like this for us when we were smaller, they held all sorts of (probably now obsolete) toys like pick-up-sticks and knuckle-bones 🙂 So cute xx


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