From a Sewing Book: Quilted Table Mats

IMG_5991The brightest project ever is finished! I used the book 100 Modern Quilt Blocks by Tula Pink in order to make a set of quilted table mats. I am only moderately happy with the mats, because I overdid the pattern and colour combination. I think I should have added a neutral background in order to give the individual patterns more breathing space. Well, lesson learnt, moving on to the next project…

I did add a neutral backing to make up for the sins of the top:


At least I managed to do some credible free motion quilting.

You can read more about those mats and the poor recipients of this gift (did you know that the German word “Gift” means “poison” in English? That might be very apt in this case 😉 ) on my blog.

4 thoughts on “From a Sewing Book: Quilted Table Mats

  1. Super happy mats with those colors! 😉

    Your free motion quilting looks great. I’ve been considering it for a while now, but was not sure how easy/difficult it would be and putting it off. I’ve got so many other things that need to be sewn, you see. Perfectly reasonable excuse. LOL


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