An Apron with “built in” Oven Mits/Pot Holders

An amazing thing happened yesterday, I just had to share… I went to the fabric store to get a magnetic snap closure for my Retro Bag, and guess what!  I walked out having purchased ONLY the magnetic snap closure!  I feel like I just accomplished “step 1” in a 12 step program.  Ha ha!  I am sure to relapse soon, though…

Now on to today’s project – once again from the One Yard Wonder book – The Hot Pad Apron. I have been eyeing this project on the book for a while now.

I used a sturdy material that o have had on my stash for, oh, at least 18 years… Yes, 18…


This apron has an interesting twist. The corners have hot pads on the back. Iy was a relatively easy sew. I doubled up on the batting on the hot pads, so they are a bit stiffer than had I followed the pattern.


The pattern called for what would end up being a 1″ waistband/tie, but the picture in the book looked much bigger. I made double the strips for the band/tie so I ended up with a nice 2″ waistband.

If I were to make this again, i would change the hot pads. Stitch some batting and an exterior material piece directly on the aprion corners instead of the way they are attached. It just a bit odd the way you have to use the hot pads.

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