The Retro Bag

Today’s project was The Retro Bag.  I am interested in making this from another, more expensive fabric that I have, but wanted to see how it wpulr turn out before I cut into that material.  The pattern calls for the lining to be made from the same material as the exterior, but I didn’t have enough.  So, I dis what any well respected fabriholic would do… I went through my stash and found a green piece large enough for what I needed.  I think it turned out pretty good, and am sure to get a lot of use out of this bag.  Especially during the summer months, given the floral pattern.  I’m not sure I will made this pattern with the more expensive material, as it is rather thick and I don’t think it would handle the folds on the front very well.

6 thoughts on “The Retro Bag

  1. I love your bag! What pattern did you use? The color and print of the fabric is really pretty. Your green lining works very nicely, perhaps even better than lining it with the outer fabric.


    • The pattern came from the “yard by yard, One Yard Wonder” book. Name of pattern is The Retro Bag. Yes, I too like the different lining material over using the same as exterior.


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