It is from a book – honest

Ok so it may be my husband’s work exercise book and the drawings were done by him.. but it is a book none the less!

As this will probably be my only sewing project this month, I thought  I would take some poetic licence. I do have other projects that I need to do, but unfortunately they are not from books.

We recently planted some vegetables in our backyard and the original netting proved to be not strong enough to protect them from the possums (and cats – yes looking at you Newton!).  I came up with the idea of making a cover out of curtain netting and hubbie came up with a design which he drew in the above book !!!!!. I then spent 10 hours sewing it all together including putting a zip on one side of it. This way we can open it with no problems and not have to remove every time we want to get to the veggies.

It isn’t perfect – it is the first model and next one will have some modifications and better measurements. But hey it works… The top needs a bit more work, and I do like the idea of the large hem as it helps to keep it snug around the base of the bed. Also next time I am going to go to Vinnie’s Boutique and see if I can find some 2nd hand curtains as this lot of material cost us $68.

I thought a zip would be a good idea; this way we can open it up without having to keep taking it off when we need to get into the bed. It is a continuous one and took me a bit of figuring out which way to put it. It seems to let enough light in as the veggies are growing and so far I haven’t seen any bugs or nasties in there.

So hopefully I haven’t stretched the mark too much, but my next project will get me in for the “Tis the season to Party”, even though this is not quite a party dress per say.. Our work christmas party has a Mexican Fiesta theme, so I am making an outfit for that, hopefully…….

Keep up the good work folks – you are awesome.


15 thoughts on “It is from a book – honest

  1. This is wonderful – I’m so going to look for some old net curtains to do something like this for the garden (cats are my unwanted intruders in the garden). Thanks for the inspiration.


    • We went with quite small holed material, but I am going to experiment with different types… and go the 2nd hand shops as well – we are putting in some fruit trees this weekend and want something we can throw over them when they bear fruit.

      Ah the joys…


  2. Hilarious, yeah this totally counts! For the first prototype you did a great job and good thinking to include a zipper. So has it stopped those pesky possums?

    You’re awesome too! Thanks for posting this month xx


  3. Woah so cool, your vegies are camping! Our main problem is snails – urgh so gross and so annoying to see they’ve eaten our plants after weeks spent raising them 😦


    • Camping ! I like that…So far all I have seen is an itty bitty spider and I am cool with that…

      Try spreading crushed up eggshells on the ground (or ground coffee beans) – they can’t crawl on them.


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