japan 20

for the november challenge i chose design # 20 from this edition of japanese sewing.

you can read how things went over on my nonblog blog…

6 thoughts on “japan 20

    • thank you , I checked out this blog online , ” Japanese sewing books “, by yfam. she lives in Singapore and has access to shops selling all the wonderful sewing and craft books from japan.
      she will happily translate and answer any questions for anyone , AND you can read her reviews of books. awesome !


  1. I think you are so clever for adding the ties on. I know that’s pretty easy but I definitely would not have even thought of doing that! Sizing is a nightmare though isn’t it..


    • thank you . yes it was a quick fix with the ties , but it works , lol. I know now why other sewers opt for making toiles first to try out patterns , BUT I m a time stressed ( and sometime lazy ) sewer, plus the pattern looked so straight forward I wasn’t expecting sizing issues , : ) ( my pathetic excuses )


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