Gertie’s brocade dress

Hi, I’m Vanessa and have recently started a blog about my sewing. I finally made something from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. The brocade dress was a variation on the wiggle dress – just made from brocade, with shorter sleeves. My measurements at the time I cut out the fabric (months ago!) exactly matched the pattern measurements – first time that’s ever happened. The only change I made was to lower the waist by an inch, but kept the overall length of the dress the same. On sewing it up the only other adjustment I needed to make was to narrow the hips slightly.

Gertie's brocade dress - back

I really enjoyed making this dress, yes even the gussets. I did screw up one of them when I accidentally snipped too far, but I sewed up the hole and it’s unnoticeable in this fabric. Speaking of the fabric, it was reversible but I felt the white with silver/metallic flowers was a bit more muted than the reverse.
Gertie's brocade dress - sitting
I like how it sparkles but very subtly. Aaaaand, it’s not so wiggly that I can’t sit/walk properly. Woo, new party dress; now I just need a party!

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