upcycled & inside out

Hello, everyone!  Great fun seeing the wide variety of projects this month, and all those lovely frocks last month.  Sorry I had to bow out due to business, but I collected for this month.

Have 3 items to share, all upcycled.  No, I tell a fib as 1 wasn’t anything except in stash for almost 20 years.  Well seasoned, lol!

Details are mostly summarized in this post, with a couple more details below.

For example, if you decide to upcycle ties, remember you’ll also need to stitch closed the lining on the end flap, if it isn’t already stitched closed.  Mine wasn’t, but I discovered that before I’d lost coins that had gone down the wrong place!

The photo above is that coin purse, finished, then turned inside out to really finish by sewing up that self-lining (V on the bottom half).  A bit messy, and not a very good photo, but I was pleased with my patience in handling so much hand sewing, on bias-cut silk yet.

I’m left with the rest of the tie, and will do more with it (another flower? glasses case?) once I’ve done a bit with some wool skirts.  😉

Book details:
Chic on a Shoestring, Mary Jane Baxter, 2011
Singer Sewing Reference Library: More Creative Sewing Ideas, 1992

More photos also on my Facebook page here!  Click on over and Like my page.  Have things planned for December & you’ve heard about it here first.  Shhh!

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    • Thank you so much! And thanks for the additional info on Japanese books, and your special translator. Quite intriguing design concept, which I admire & enjoy looking at, but it’s not me… at the moment.


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