TMS Tutorial: How to insert images into your posts

The Montly Stitch blog has a limited amount of free server space so we ask that you only upload one image for you post as the feature image and all other images in your post should be inserted using the image URL code from a photo sharing site such as Photobucket, Pinterest, Flickr, Picasa, etc.

Remember: if you have already published a post on your personal blog (WordPress/Blogger) you can copy that post instead, images and all, over the TMS and then edit before publishing. It’s a lot faster and means your images are stored on your personal blogs server space and not ours 🙂 – follow the instructions at the bottom of this tutorial.

I like to write the bulk of my post first and then insert my images last but after you get a bit of practise feel free to write and insert URL images however you like.

  • Position your cursor where you would like your image to appear
  • Click on the “Add Media” button
  • Click “Insert from URL”
  • In another browser tab navigate to your chosen image. It might be on your own personal blog or on a photo sharing site such as Photobucket, Pinterest, Flickr or Picasa.
  • Right click on your image and select “Copy Image URL”

  • Flickr users – you need to right click on your photo and select the size you want (‘Medium 500’ is a good width, or you can choose a larger size and edit it smaller later)

  • Then you can right click and Copy Image URL

  • Now flick back to The Monthly Stitch tab and paste the URL code into the box as shown below
  • Your image will appear and you can now chose a few options such as the image alignment and image linking option.
  • When you are done click the blue “Insert into post” button

  • You can access more image options now that your image in inserted.
  • Click on your image and then click on the “Edit Image” button that appears

  • In the basic “Edit Image” tab you can change the image size using the percentage option, alter the alignment, give your image a different name, a caption and change it’s link URL (where the viewer gets directed if they click on the image)
  • You can change any, all or none or these things
  • In the “Advanced Settings” tab you can be more specific with your images size (quick tip: just change one number and then make the other number blank. The WordPress pixies will work out the correct ratio and you won’t distort your image) and change other advanced options.
  • You inserted images largest dimension should be 500 pixels, this will give everyone’s posts a consistent look and not detract from your writing. If readers want to view your image bigger then can always click on it to enlarge.

  • Click “Update” when you are done
  • You can continue writing now or add more URL images.
  • For more image insertion help take a look at this WordPress tutorial
  • For more image settings help look at this WordPress tutorial

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