Golden Glow Gertie Skirt

I’ve been wanting to make everything from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing ever since it came out. Unfortunately, I really want to make a lot of different things and am often easily distracted, so haven’t made much progress through actually making up the patterns that come with the book. This month’s theme brought the book back to my consciousness. I couldn’t decide which pattern I wanted to make the most, so I had my husband pick. He made a good choice, the Scalloped-Waist Skirt.

The biggest advantage to choosing to make this skirt rather than something else from the book was that I didn’t have to alter it. I chose my size by waist measurement; the hips are designed to be full, so I just ignored that measurement this time. I used poly-taffeta with shirt-crisp interfacing. I managed not to melt my taffeta while fusing it on, hopefully there’s a good enough bond that it won’t bubble when I wash it. The biggest downside to having chosen to use polyester taffeta is how much static it gathered when I wore it. After I put on a crinoline and it wasn’t getting so much friction from the full-skirt rubbing against my legs as I walked, the static levels calmed down.

I also blogged this project here

9 thoughts on “Golden Glow Gertie Skirt

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  2. oh yes another fabulous creation! the colour is beautiful. I love the way the bonded taffeta gives the skirt that extra wow factor. I think your carriage awaits you ! after seeing this special skirt and the other great designs made by monthly stitch contributers , I have ordered my copy of this wonderous book . thank you : ) for my Christmas present.


  3. Oooh, La la!! This is fantastic! Love the beautiful fabric you chose and it has such a great ‘pouf’ factor. You will get lots of compliments on this one this holiday season for sure!


  4. It turned out really pretty. I love the gold color. I have been eyeing this skirt but was worried it would be too fluffy. It looks just right,


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